• Content and organizational assumptions
    We focus in the module on designing process for education. The basic categories of
    educational designing are: aims and objectives, teaching material, learning styles, teaching
    strategies, assessment, evaluation and teacher's competences. The main task of this module is
    an introduction into the culture of educational designing and planning with reference to theory
    of knowledge and inquiry the knowledge - i.e. - constructivism idea.
    As a main result of the module participants should create a scenario of lesson or other
    educational forms. The particular tasks of the module are: preparing for educational designing
    on science education based on constructivism idea, preparing participants for further
    independent studies and for managing self professional development. We expect as well that
    some participants will be ready to play a role of consultants on the area of educational
    We assume that participants in spite of individual and independent formula of the module will
    work in groups also; they will undertake different tasks in school field. The important place
    occupies the reading as well as analysis of texts and different materials - illustrative and
    movies. The participants will be invited to do interviews, both with different teachers and
    with pupils. They will be encouraged to treat a dialogue as a important tool of learning. It
    deals also with dialog in Internet.
    In a case of formal (for accreditation) realization of the module, beside essays, very important
    tool of learning will be portfolio including the essays, some learning materials, and personal
    The packet contains very rich bibliography of questions - also related to. Didactic materials
    and thematic bibliography is attached to the individual session. Some sessions contain also
    fragments of publication, illustrations such as drawing charts as well as short films and
    addresses of internet sides.
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